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Co-working spaces have proven to be a practical model for startups and businesses that value creative collaboration. In the past couple of years, the concept has been gaining momentum around the Cities in SA. This popular solution has now been embraced by beauty and wellness professionals.


DYME Beauty Bar is situated right in the heart of Cape Town City Center and offers co-working spaces specifically built for beauty and wellness professionals who want to own and operate their own businesses without opening a whole salon.


This co-working space is definitely a first for the city. Artists can now rent fully furnished and customizable stations, access to free WIFI, clean and maintained bathrooms, kitchen stocked with all the necessities, salon management/booking software, in-house salon assistant, and operate independently under one roof. A seasoned professional salon administrator is permanently stationed at the premises to guide Artists and offer advice on services, client engagement, business insight, and how to be successful in their space.

So why are beauty and wellness professionals making the switch from the traditional salon setup to co-working spaces? Well, this concept has the potential for a larger income, flexible work hours and independence. Artists can express their individual flair and creative self and get back to doing what they love. We are now firmly in the era of co-working spaces and beauty and wellness have finally arrived.